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If you and your family are making Yosemite camping reservations and planning the vacation of your dreams, the Yosemite RV Park that's perfect for you and the campground where your kids will enjoy the vacation of a lifetime is. Yosemite Pines - we'll treat your kids like gold!

Kid-Friendly, Parent-Approved
At Yosemite Pines, we know that you and your family have lots of choices when it comes to  camping near Yosemite. So we've made sure that Yosemite Pines is the "cream of the crop" with all the  lodging basics you demand. and quite a few kid-friendly extras that aren't normally part of a Yosemite RV camping experience.

Make A Joyful Noise
Yosemite Pines encourages kids to explore and enjoy its more than 30 acres of pine - and oak-shaded landscape. They can hike scenic trails or go mountain biking and never be far from your Yosemite National Park lodging at Yosemite Pines.

Wet and Wild
Camping in Yosemite wouldn't be complete without the chance to "splash" on a hot day, so the Yosemite Pines swimming pool is always alive with laughter and splashes. And while the kids are congratulating one another on having the best  camping experience possible, Mom and Dad can pat themselves on the back for making reservations at Yosemite Pines.

Kids Rule Indoors and Out!
There are cheap Yosemite cabins that promise a lot for kids who are camping in Yosemite for the first time, but they don't deliver. At Yosemite Pines we take Yosemite RV camping to a new level providing kids with:

The "General Store" - Stock up on "provisions" after a hard day of fun.
Outdoor Fun for all ages! Playground, Sand Volleyball, Tetherball, Horseshoes and Petting Farm. Nature trails, Planned Activities and don't forget to visit our Gold Mine.
BBQ Area - Everything tastes better when it's cooked in the open air.

To Do List
Although your kids could easily spend an entire vacation exploring at Yosemite Pines, they'll be thrilled when they learn that camping in Yosemite also means. A steam train, river rafting, kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, horseback riding, scenic hiking, and biking. To make Yosemite camping an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience for your kids. Make your reservations at Yosemite Pines.

Coloring Pages
Click the three links below to launch a page where you can print out some coloring fun!

Coloring Page 1 | Coloring Page 2 | Coloring Page 3

California Trivia
(1) The name California was given by Spanish explorers? (T/F)
(2) What is California's state motto?
(3) What is California's state flower?
(4) What is the state fish?
(5) What is the state animal?
(6) What is the state reptile?
(7) The state insect is the California hairstreak butterfly? (T/F)
(8) What is California's state mineral?
(9) What is the state rock?
(10) What is California's state gemstone?
(11) What is the state marine mammal?
(12) What is California's state fossil?
(13) What is the state tree?
(14) Where is California's highest point?
(15) What is California's state song?

(1) True (2) Eureka (3) Golden Poppy (4) South Fork Golden Trout (5) California Grizzly Bear (6) Desert Tortoise (7) False (8) Native Gold (9) Serpentine (10) Benitoite (11) California Gray Whale (12) Saber-Toothed Cat (13) Redwood (14) Mount Whitney (15) I Love You, California

Rhyme Time

Start with a simple one-syllable word such as "CAT," and take turns supplying rhyming words that belong in the same word family: for example, bat, hat, fat, mat, rat, pat, splat, spat.

Then try to put some of these words together in a silly story, such as "I saw a BAT. It was wearing a HAT. I picked up the MAT. I swung at it and it went SPLAT."

Remember to give your child a chance. Even grown-ups with large vocabularies find themselves challenged to see how many silly songs they can make out of these common words. Why not make your Yosemite vacation a learning experience.

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