A Cabin in Yosemite Is The Best Place for Doing

What Comes Naturally ~ EXPLORING!


A cabin in Yosemite provides much more than just a place to lay your head at night. Yosemite cabins serve as the starting point for exploring one of America's most exciting natural wonders. Yosemite cabins allow children and adults unlimited freedom to do what comes naturally - explore the living world around them. Exploring nature helps kids grow into adults who care about nature. And after just a short time in a cabin in Yosemite, it's possible for adults who have gotten too caught up in the 'man-made world" to magically transform themselves back into the kids they once were - ready for adventure and eager to explore.

A cabin in Yosemite is your own private ski lodge in the snowy season. And when the weather warms up, Yosemite cabins become 'beach shacks' and 'cabanas,' offering a place to get ready for swimming, boating, and other activities in and on the water. A cabin in Yosemite also provides an important counter-balance to our screen-based society. Adults and children alike are moving from "green" to "screen" as they spend more and more time looking at computers, video games, and other electronic media. That's why it's so exciting that exploring begins right outside the door of a cabin in Yosemite - and the fun goes on for miles! Yosemite cabins are ultra-close to everything this magnificent National Park has to offer: birding and wildlife spotting, boating and biking, hiking and trail riding, and fishing and hunting. (Don't forget to purchase the necessary licenses!)

A cabin in Yosemite is unforgettable, and your vacation will be unforgettable, too. Keep the memories fresh and alive with a Nature Journal that you can take home after your stay at your cabin in Yosemite. When the sun goes down, families all over the park gather in their Yosemite cabins to share details of the day and put them down in a journal to make them permanent. A daily Nature Journal should start with the place - your cabin in Yosemite - and the date of your adventure. You'll want to include what you saw and did after you left your Yosemite cabin, such as what you smelled, touched, and heard. For young children staying at Yosemite cabins, a different kind of journal is necessary since they can't yet read and right. Have little ones make a nature tapestry with pictures instead of words. You can mount it on the wall of your Yosemite cabin and have them add to it each day while other family members are writing in their journals.

A cabin in Yosemite is also a great place to do what all great explorers do: create magnificent collections. Just about anything will make an interesting collection: feathers, seeds, rocks, leaves, flowers, etc. You never know what you might find! So veteran explorers never leave their Yosemite cabins without their Explorer's Kit: a magnifying glass, pieces of black and white paper or cloth, and a collecting box or jar.

Please! Remind kids that their treasures will be kept inside your Yosemite cabin, and insects, animals, and living creatures should be left outside to live free as Nature intended.


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