Yosemite Cabin Rentals ~ Put Sunshine in a Rainy Day!


Yosemite cabin rentals make a trip to one of America's best-loved National Parks a true getaway. Rather than the cold, impersonal, and generally generic atmosphere of a hotel or motel chain, Yosemite cabins are wonderfully diverse. Each Yosemite cabin rental has something special to offer to individuals, couples, travel groups, and especially families. Yosemite cabins are a favorite with Mom, Dad, and the kids for one simple reason: they're always fun! Many vacations are completely weather-dependent - if it rains at the beach, you're just stuck. But when you bunk in a Yosemite cabin, it doesn't matter what the weather may be. There's still lots to see and do right outside the door - and inside the cabin, too!

Tucked inside cozy Yosemite cabin rentals, it's easy to change a dreary, rainy day into the best day of your vacation. Yosemite cabins are already filled with all kinds of amenities - including cookware, linen, sports equipment, and games, for example - so all you really need is a little creativity to enjoy yourself. But with a little simple advance planning and a few take-along items from home, Yosemite cabins can be transformed into anything you want them to be, from an art museum to a theatre to a gourmet restaurant or a mini Las Vegas! Artists in the group can create sketches and drawings. Budding musicians can compose a new song or put new words to an old favorite to express how they feel.

Yosemite cabins just naturally spark creativity. Bring papers and pencils so kids can make boats, pinwheels, and airplanes to float, spin, or fly when the weather is nicer. Yosemite cabins are also perfect settings for telling stories and presenting little 'plays' using people or puppets. Another nice thing about a rainy day when you're staying in Yosemite cabins is that it provides the perfect excuse to start vacation scrapbooks or journals. When no one is racing around to go and see all the wonders of Yosemite, the family can get together to preserve memories.

Rain is not the enemy and it doesn't have to be an unwelcome guest when you're staying in Yosemite cabins. Instead, you can invite the bad weather in and make rain a friend of the family! Add a book on local weather conditions to your packing list. Then, if the skies open up, you can think of Yosemite cabin rentals as temporary laboratories where the mystery of rain can be revealed. Family members can talk, laugh and bond as they watch together firsthand how rain affects plants, animals, and the environment. They can also learn safety information. Safe inside Yosemite cabins, parents can teach children about how to recognize storm conditions, what to do when severe weather hits, etc.

As the day wears on and children's energy builds up, Yosemite cabins make it easy to take a short rainy day hike to beat 'cabin fever.' At a hotel or motel, children generally have to go down a long corridor, take an elevator ride, walk through the lobby, and end up in front of the building, standing under an awning looking at the rain. With Yosemite cabin rentals, fresh air (even if there's no sunshine) is right outside.


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